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Flipsters Academy

The course is designed for folks looking for a structured learning experience. Typically, our course-only members are less focused on networking. Our community is built more for folks looking to socialize, receive real time investment feedback & get access to behind-the-scenes of the Flipster Team.

The long and skinny: it depends!

Looking for information & tools? Our course is your best bet. 

Our House Flipping Crash Course is a self-paced program consisting of recorded lectures, downloadable resources and written how-to guides.

The course is designed for a variety of folks but is best fit for visual/audio learners who are new to real estate, new to investing,  are looking for a step-by-step house-flipping model.

Want to network directly with the Flipster Team & other real estate investors?  Join our Flipster Fam. 

Flipster Fam is the Austin Flipster’s private online community. For folks looking for greater access to the Flipster Team, seeking a more real-estate oriented network, the community is the best place to start.

We hop on live streams, breakdown deals & talk all things investing.

In need of a partner to help take care of all the heavy lifting that goes into a flip?  Apply to be a Partner. 

You bring the capital. We’ll bring the rest.

Leverage our expertise in acquisitions, financing and construction to directly find, finance and manage your flips for you.

We’re flexible! 

Email to discuss one-on-one consulting with Lincoln, Lauren and the rest of our Flipster team. 

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