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Lincoln & Lauren

Hi, I'm Lincoln

I run a real estate investment company in Austin, TX. I’ve bought and sold a lot of real estate over the years ($200 million and counting!) including residential flips, buy and hold rentals, short term rentals and commercial real estate. 

But by far my favorite strategy is fix and flip. I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way and the information compiled here is everything I wish I would have known starting out.

I love real estate as a vehicle for wealth creation. Real estate has produced more millionaires in the United State than any other industry!

If you’ve always wanted to be a successful real estate investor, we’d love to help you get started.

Hi, I'm Lauren

I’m a 30 something real estate junkie. I’ve owned more homes than I care to admit. I’m a lover of possibilities and thus home renovations are my jam.

I’ve turned my personal passion for real estate and design into a career. Partnering with my college buddy Lincoln to transform homes in the Austin area has been special.

I love that every day and project is different and each house provides an opportunity to stretch creative prowess.

My goal is to empower first time real estate investors with the knowledge, tools and confidence needed to make their own dreams a reality.

The Austin Flipsters

In 2018, we launched our YouTube channel ‘The Austin Flipsters’ which follows us as we flip houses in the Austin area.

The channel takes an entertaining (we hope!) big picture view of our house flipping adventures.

While our show focuses on the dramatic transformations of our properties, our programs tackle the ins and outs of how we actually run, manage and execute those projects and go into much greater depth than we ever could on our show.

If you’ve ever had an interest in making real estate a full time career or a profitable side hustle, we can help you.

Meet the Flipsters

The Austin Flipsters made house flipping fun again, paving the way for home transformations on social media. 

Our YouTube channel paved the way for house renovation content online. We take our 215,000+ subscribers behind the scenes of our home renovations here in Texas. 

And now, we’re giving viewers the opportunity to tackle their own projects with unique opportunities to engage, co-invest and partner along the way. 

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